Revenue & Expenses


$625K Revenue Goal / $525K Expense Forecast

Enrollment forecast: 3,250 students (1,750 girls, 1,500 boys)




$450K Revenue / $520K Expenses

Enrolled 3,179 students (1,688 girls, 1,491 boys)




$507K Revenue / $455K Expenses

Enrolled 2,406 students (1,395 girls, 1,011 boys)




$408K Revenue / $423K Expenses

Enrolled 2,170 students (1,218 girls, 952 boys)




$403K Revenue / $351K Expenses

Enrolled 1,012 students (850 girls, 162 boys)




$194K Revenue / $126K Expenses

Enrolled 358 girls


Funding Partners

Artists for Peace and Justice supports communities in Haiti through programs in education, healthcare, and dignity through the arts. As a funding partner, APJ provides grant funding for Iqra Fund’s secondary students in Pakistan.

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. The British Council is a funding partner providing support for extensive training programs for Iqra Funds teachers.

The eBay Foundation’s mission is to unleash the power of entrepreneurship to build economically vibrant and sustainable communities. eBay Foundation’s grants have provided Iqra Fund with direct student support.

Google matches employee contributions to nonprofits they love. They add even more when they volunteer their time or get to work through environmentally-friendly modes of transportation -- whether by foot, bike or kayak. Google’s generous matching program has provided Iqra Fund with generous grant funding.

The Innovate Foundation was a founding partner and provided Iqra Fund with a five-year seed grant to launch our now thriving education programs in northern Pakistan.

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