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The Foundation for Education: Early Childhood Development

May 18th, 2015

A child is like the sun at the center of the solar system, surrounded with parents, society, environment, schools, school systems, etc. For any organization, society, or school, we need quality education. For quality education, we have to improve the education system at the roots.

Abida Parveen

Therefore, I decided to be an Early Childhood Development (ECD) teacher. I believe every child is gifted with many qualities naturally. These qualities are hidden, and it depends on the parents and teachers to nurture the children and their qualities in a proper way. I chose this profession not only because I did not have an ECD education in my childhood, but also because I wanted to prove to be an effective teacher in polishing my students’ hidden qualities. 

Gilgit-Baltistan lacks and needs a proper ECD system. If we give our students a proper education system starting with ECD, they will not face any difficulty in higher grades. In the future, we can expect them to be professionals who can play a role in developing the area. 

It is a huge step for Iqra Fund to start working on ECD in Hunza. Iqra Fund trains ECD teachers by keeping them up to date with advanced teaching training. This area of education will be very beneficial in developing our children and our area.

By Pervez, Director of Operations and Managing Director, Hunza

A Young Teacher in Training

May 11th, 2015

Azra is 21 years old and comes from Tissar Shigar. Coming from a family of nine, Azra is a secondary student in Grade 13.

Azra Batool (2)

Azra began her education in her village Middle School and eventually moved to Skardu with good grades and her interest in school. Because of financial constraints, she originally lived with her relatives but could not give enough time for her studies due to the housework at her relative’s home.

Azra found out about Iqra Fund’s Secondary Scholarship through a relative. With her scholarship, she has been able to continue her education. After her secondary education, Azra would like to give back to Iqra Fund and become a teacher to educate young girls in her village.

By: Sabeena Zehra, Program Officer in Pakistan
Sabeen brings a wide range of education programming experience to Iqra Fund with her former science and phonetics teaching experience, her professional experience as a social worker, and her education background in Sociology and Education. Sabeena is passionate about girls’ education and its potential in the future of the nation.

A Student with Her Brother’s Support

May 4th, 2015

Zahra, daughter of Muhammed, is a student in Grade 8 from Hushe Village in Baltistan. She comes from a family of ten that depends on her father as the breadwinner.


Since childhood, Zahra was very interested in her studies and wanted to attend school. Her older brother and her mother played very important roles in continuing her education: her older brother spoke with her father about her wishes to attend school, and her mother advised her father to send Zahra to Skardu to get a quality education in secondary school.

Zahra’s brother not only supported his sister’s education, but also introduced her to the Iqra Fund Secondary Scholarships. Zahra says that she felt a lack of confidence with her education, but her brother’s support has been important to her.

BP05042015_1With her scholarship, Zahra says that she is not only confident, but also able to compete with other students. She says, “Iqra Fund has provided me the opportunity not only to enhance my academic capabilities, but also gave me hope and motivation. I pray for my success and will work hard for the future of my village.”

By: Sabeena Zehra, Program Officer in Pakistan

Training New Teachers

April 27th, 2015

Iqra Fund aims to achieve quality education through the professional development of teachers. For one week in the middle of April in Skardu, Iqra Fund hosted a Teaching Pedagogies Training Course for the 20 newly employed teachers. The main purposes of this training course was to develop basic teaching skills among new teachers and to orient new teachers with various teaching methods, strategies, and techniques. 

X, Passu, X 1

All teachers, like Ms. Perveen, underwent trainings at the beginning of their careers with Iqra Fund.

I found that the majority of the teachers were very energetic, compassionate, and motivated in their learning. Throughout the training, they were very excited to learn new teaching skills and strategies. Some of the teachers reflected, “Today, we came to know that teaching is more than just transferring knowledge and developing some skills.” The training was overall very productive and useful.

I hope I was able to inspire teachers with new innovative teaching skills. Many studies have revealed that pre-service training is productive and fruitful for newly employed teachers, and I expect that the impact of this training will be observed in coming days in our schools.

By: Bashir Ahmed, Program Director

Five Reasons to Invest in Mothers and Girls

April 20th, 2015

Adult Literacy TrainingEducated mothers* are more likely…
…to send their daughters to school.
…to lower rates of child mortality.
…to seek medical treatment for their children.
.. to provide better nutrition for the growth of their children.
…to be more informed about family planning.

*From UN statistics

With your support:
- Iqra Fund mothers become an integral part of decision making in their communities and supporting their daughters’ education.
- Iqra Fund girls will grow up to be mothers who will pass their knowledge onto their children, creating a cycle of healthy, educated families prepared for the future.

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